Case Histories

“Call Pure Zen Implant & LASER Perio before anyone else!!Dr. Tandy and staff are top notch! They
thoroughly explain procedures. Honest, reliable, friendly., and great communication. Highly recommend
her practice. Julie at the front desk is extremely knowledgeable about insurance and knows the
important questions patience should be asking, although most patience, such as myself, never know to
ask! And if you’re weary of shots, Dr Tandy knows how to make the almost pain free. She says the right
things to keep you at ease. They offer sedation, but I didn’t feel I’d need it because they are so
caring. My last consultation at another practice was 90% higher than Dr. Tandy. See her practice before
getting ripped off by another practice.”
-by Lesley W. – Yelp Review

“Dr. Tandy is the coolest and I would recommend going here over ANYWHERE else for an oral surgeon!!”
-by Megan K – Yelp Review

“Super great lady!  I was away from home visiting Arizona and had a
periodontal problem — a big one!  Dr. Tandy got me right in and treated
this abscess with a laser.  It felt 100% better the next day.  I got
home and my regular periodontist called Dr. Tandy and they talked about
my treatment so my regular doc wasn’t in the dark.  Really good
follow-up.  I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Tandy and her
– Turquoise T – Yelp Review

“The receptionist is so pleasant, she is the epitome of customer service. She talked me
through insurance and was very thorough so I understood everything. The dental assistant was
amazing and helped me relax and I LOVED the music that was playing. The dental consultation was
hands down the best I have ever had. She was so upfront about everything and explained every
step in great detail. She was so enthusiastic about getting my teeth healthy, that she made me
almost excited about the laser treatment! I would recommend this office for anyone who needs a
periodontal specialist that is caring, professional, and encouraging.”
-by dramaticblu1 – Google Review

“They were awesome they actually probably saved my life. Im not saying this in Jest, they
detected my high blood pressure and actually made me take action to correct it. Thanks to Dr. Tandy
and the rest of the staff at Pure Zen Implant & LASER Perio, now im superchill.”
-by Lee Stringer – Google Review

“Dr. Tandy and staff should be your first call if you’re in need of a periodontist!! Julie at the
front desk knows the important questions to ask about dental insurance. The entire staff is very
caring and pleasant. I did not need sedation for the procedure I needed because I felt so comfortable
in Dr. Tandy’s care. The shots were administered pain free!! Dr. Tandy even went the extra mile to
call me that night to check in on my healing. Thanks to Julie and all her expertise, she saved me just
over $3000 compared to the other periodontist that quoted me their treatment plan. Pure Zen Implant & LASER Perio is
honest, professional, and caring. Thank goodness there is still honest doctors who care!”
-by Lesley Wicke – Google Review

“My daughter has special needs and also has major dental anxiety. She felt so relaxed
through the entire visit. Dr. Tandy is sweet, kind, gentle and hilariously funny. Exactly what we
needed today. She gave expert care. Her staff is amazing. My daughter is looking forward to her
next appointment.”
-by Meg Bowman – Google Review

“I love the personalized attention that Pure Zen Implant & LASER Perio provides. Dr Tandy and her staff always make me feel welcome and comfortable.”  (5 stars)
-by Bill D.

“Excellent from everyone there. Highly recommend.”  (5 stars)
-by ScottH

“Dr. Tandy and her staff provided me with excellent service. The follow up
exam indicated substantial improvement from the scaling and root planing
surgery.”    (5 stars)
-by JFT

“Dr. Tandy is wonderful! The staff are exceptional. I have been a patient
for over 6 years and my perio health has greatly improved thanks to Dr.
Tandy.”   (5 stars)
-by Jeannie M.

“Excellent staff and very caring gentle Dentist thanks!”  (5 stars)
-by Anonymous

“Everyone was friendly and efficient”  (4 stars)
-by Anonymous

“Hygienist is very friendly and competent. In and out in no time. Muchas gracias.”  (5 stars)
-by Tom C.

“Excellent customer service and patient care. I had two surgeries with minimal
pain and no down time and their patient follow up is awesome.”  (5 stars)
-by Peter G’

“Excellent continuing care.
Thank you!”  (5 stars)
-by L. S.

“I’ve been Dr. Tandy’s patient for over 7 years and have found her to be very
conscientious about keeping my gums and teeth in excellent condition.
She also makes sure that every procedure is pain free and explains
clearly why they are necessary.”  (5 stars)
-by Alice

“Excellent service!”  (5 stars)
-by Anonymous

“Very friendly staff. Great Customer service.”  (5 stars)
-by Anonymous

Reviews from Rate -A-Dentist

“This place is excellent! After years of my dentist telling me I need to get grafting surgery due to recession (from orthodontia, genetics, excessive brushing, etc.), I finally decided to go in for a consultation. I actually decided on this office due to a positive Yelp review from Meg K. and was happy to learn my insurance was accepted as well. The consultation was very informative and I didn’t feel pressured into doing more than needed for the grafting, so I decided to move forward in getting my surgery done by Dr. Tandy.

Last Friday I had my first of two rounds of grafting done and it went better than I anticipated. The staff here is just great. Very professional, understanding, fun, and helpful. Dr. Tandy, Christie, and Sadia are all amazing and I am actually excited to see them soon for my next round.

Reasons why this office is wonderful:

1. You get this awesome complimentary Shea Butter Lip Balm which appears to be custom made by Dr. Tandy.

2. The Relaxation Room is so cool! There is an awesome massage chair, tranquil music, and even blankets to keep you relaxed prior to surgery.

3. The staff is so much fun! While still completely professional, I can’t stop laughing while I am visiting due to all of their jokes 🙂

4. Dr. Tandy and her team take their time in explaining each detail and really take into consideration all medical history prior to scheduling surgery to make sure nothing conflicts. They called before each session to make sure that we were all on the same page. I love their thoroughness!

5. They are very understanding in rescheduling. I had an unrelated hospitalization and was unable to make my original scheduled grafting surgery. They made sure I was in good health prior to moving forward with rescheduling.

I highly recommend Dr. Tandy and her staff to anyone who needs a periodontist!”
-Caitlin C   Review Posted on

“Dr. Tandy and her team were the absolute BEST. As a nurse, I really
appreciated their professionalism and high standards. But what really
set them apart is that they also treat you as if you are a personal
friend, and by the time I was finished, I felt as if we were! Dr. Tandy
also gave me her personal cell number for any problems, and was a gem
when I needed to use it. I could not recommend them more highly!

– Sherri M  Review Posted On

“I love this place… Dr Tandy and her was staff were awesome. They
took their time to educate me and prepare me prior to my surgery so I
could have a smooth post surgery experience and I am because my surgery
was just yesterday… Dr Tandy ‘ s skill and her entire teams amazing
customer care created such a great experience for me and now I can’t
wait for part two of my surgery. Everyone in her office was so very
-by Pete L.
“AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! I have had to get my gums grafted 2 times
here and both times I could not wait to go back! I know that sounds
sick, but the people at this office are the BEST!!! Dr.Tandy and Carol

The whole office has this very relaxing vibe to
it so you totally feel comfortable as soon as you walk right in…but it
gets better…within the relaxing office there is a relax room to help
calm you down for your surgery….I have never used it, but I peeked in
and you just want to fall asleep in there!

After your operation
(that pretty much feels like a teeth cleaning), you get this warm towel
to wipe your mouth off with that smells like fresh squeezed lemons! Its
the little things people…when you have just had skin grafted to your
gum a nice lemon towel makes your face feel fresh! 🙂 HAHA im serious!

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